Given the current state of affairs surrounding the pandemic, many people like myself are quarantined. We have limited (physical) social outreach, and our day-to-day lifestyle has taken on a new flow. I wanted to create a way to collaborate with others in a creative, exciting way to keep ourselves motivated, inspired, busy, and healthy. Songwriting is usually confined to a small circle. Hence, the process I am outlining below has the potential to really open new ideas and result in some new great music. I'm excited to hear the results of this process, and I hope you find it fun and exciting. There is a lot of potentials to move this idea forward, but let's start with a simple test run and see how it goes. 

Simple Instructions:

  1. Download the tracks from
  2. Record your own contribution
  3. Upload your files to 

A bit more detail and may some potential FAQ:

  • Are you eligible/capable of collaborating? Yes! This is a project that is aimed at having fun so please join in!
  • Project timeline is from March 20th, 2020 to April 3rd, 2020 which is ~3 weeks and sort of marks the unofficial quarantine timeframe
  • Follow me: and
  • Verbose overview:
    • I recorded an acoustic guitar part and uploaded the mp3 to the download folder
    • You can download that track (and a click track) and add and write anything you'd like 
      • Bass, electric guitar (rhythm, lead, solo...), vocals, piano, synth.... etc.. etc...
  • Export your contribution (isolated) and upload it so that I can mix it in
  • Any questions/comments can be directed to me
  • Let's see where this goes!

    Find Additional information in the instructions document stored in the download folder